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With these 26 lead soldiers I shall conquer the world

Johannes Gutenberg
Maximiliano first discovered his love for typography while studying graphic design at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an innocent font hobby turned to addiction, his type design career matured at an incredibly rapid rate, due much to his fascination with calligraphy. After graduating from college, he started a serie of trips to the US to study with the best calligraphers of the world.� In 2008 he founded his own foundry, Li�n Types, mixing his interest in calligraphy with a growing skillfulness in digitizing the most challenging of curves. The foundry is now among the most successful ones specializing in script fonts and ornamented display type. He is also a teacher of gestural calligraphy, an excellent excuse, like he says, to take a rest from the digital media, gain inspiration and let the ink flow. Many of his creations were awarded in some of the most prestigious typography competitions (such as SOTA Catalyst Awards, Type Directors Club, Communication Arts, Italian A'Design and Tipos Latinos), appeared in numerous respected Best of Year lists and were also published in several magazines and books of design around the world.

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Communication Arts Typography Competition 2023

Font: Deseo

Communication Arts Typography Competition 2020

Font: Pantera

Communication Arts Typography Competition 2017

Font: Skill

Communication Arts Typography Competition 2016

Font: Seventies

Communication Arts Typography Competition 2015

Font: Dream Script

Communication Arts Typography Competition 2014

Font: Erotica

TDC Typeface Design Competition 2012

Font: Erotica

A’ Design Italy 2015

Font: Erotica

SOTA Catalyst Award 2011

Font: Reina

Hiii Typography 2019

Font: Fleur

Tipos Latinos 2022

Fonts: Deseo, Fleur, Reina Neue, Pantera, Loyal

Tipos Latinos 2018

Fonts: Skill, Preta, Posh, Lubaline

Tipos Latinos 2016

Fonts: Dream Script, Indie

Tipos Latinos 2014

Fonts: Erotica, Bird Script

Tipos Latinos 2012

Fonts: Aire, Reina, Breathe